S.P.A.R.K- 3 Month Intensive Coaching Program

Ignite Your Passion and Find Your Purpose!

Life Coaching for the Brave Hearted


Life is all about choices….

You have the choice of how to live your life. No matter the circumstances, you have control over your thoughts.

If you are tired of feeling less than, unfulfilled, and stuck in your own life, then this is the coaching program for you.

We all have stories rolling around in our brains that keep us from moving forward, feeling alive and fulfilled. We allow our thoughts to keep us in a spiral of negativity and inaction. Allowing this to happen consistently is a choice. We can all choose to stop negative thinking patterns and replace them with ones that serve us better. The only thing you must do is learn how to do it, practice it, and put it into action every day.

This intensive coaching program teaches you how to bust through those negative thinking patterns, get the heck out of your own way mentally and get on with doing what you are meant to do in this world! No more mere surviving! You will thrive and love your life again!

I have been through it. I have felt unhappy, unworthy, and out of control. I have felt lost in my circumstances. I have lost my confidence along with any idea of who I was as a person. I felt hopeless. I felt uninspired. Spinning around and around in a circle of personal misery that kept me stuck. Unable to live and be happy. I have learned every step of the way through my own personal journey and I can teach you how I got my groove back.

I can teach you how to find yourself again, love your life and live your passion. If I can do it, trust me, you can too!


Why This Program Works

It teaches you how to be aware of your thoughts, how to challenge them, and how to reframe them.

It teaches you the very simple concept that you control your thinking, not the other way around.

It gives you space to practice, make mistakes, grow and learn, all while being supported by others on their own journey and coached by me daily!


The Decision is Yours to Make…Where Do You Want to Be This Time Next Year?

My promise to you is to teach you, support you and walk alongside you through your journey.

What You Get:

  • 12 Weekly Group Coaching Calls. (Groups are set groups with the same women and are limited to 15 women and under)
  • 1- 1 Hour Onboarding call with me to assess your current situation and discuss what challenges and issues you are going through
  • 6- Bi-Weekly Individual Coaching Calls with me to deepen the work you are doing during the group as well as practicing daily
  • Access to my S.P.A.R.K community via an app called Nudge. It is HIPPA approved and secure. You will have access to the women in your own group and can support each other as well as ask questions, share wins and ask for help. You will also have access to the larger S.P.A.R.K community wich includes everyone in the program, inside and outside of your personal group. This is optional but available. Through Nudge, this is where you will receive daily motivation from me, as well as short trainings, tips, and tricks to keep you engaged in the new thinking process you will be learning.

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This program is not for anyone who is not ready to truly transform. It is not for anyone who is not ready to hear the truth, deal with inner demons, and put the work in to make the transformation. This program is literally teaching you how to think differently. Learning this valuable skill will affect the rest of your life and how you look at the world for the better. Helping you be inspired, brave and bold. Ready to embrace whatever comes at you allowing you to engage and actually live life again!

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