Online Courses

Ready for Your 30 Day Reset?

Build your own roap map to success when it’s convenient for you!

If you are struggling with staying focused and achieving an important goal, these online courses will help guide you. They will give you the road map to follow, so you can achieve what you desire with the flexibility of doing it on your time.

The Mindset Reset

Feel like you don’t have enough time to work individually with a coach?

Try this online course which takes you through a 30-Day Mindset Reset to get you rejuvenated and revived, all at your own pace.

M.A.P.P.I.T Coaching System-Online

Get the M.A.P.P.I.T coaching system online and learn when you have time! I personally designed this coaching system to help you achieve and thrive – and it is now available in an online version.

Put action into your life by following this system.

Set your goals, M.A.P.P.I.T and achieve!

Let’s Chat!

If you have questions about the coaching process and if you could benefit from coaching, take advantage of my free, 20-minute consultation call at (310) 406-4515.