Where are you located?
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Let’s talk about how I can help you!

What is coaching and how is it different from therapy?

The coaching process starts in the present and helps you move forward from that point. It focuses on finding solutions you can implement in your life right now to change self-defeating behaviors and make your life better.

Your past experiences are not disregarded, but they are not addressed in depth. Therapy and counseling are usually long-term treatments geared toward finding the root cause for psychological issues in your life.

Because of this, most people spend a lot of time speaking about past experiences, thoughts and feelings trying to uncover and heal past issues.

Should Life Coaches have training?

Yes. Life coaches should have proper training. There are many courses that are certified which someone can go through to become a life coach.

When choosing a coach, make sure they have been certified through a program and had proper training.

What should I expect during one of your coaching sessions?

My coaching sessions are tailored toward your needs. They are typically a good mix of free expression and personalized guidance from me.

My goal for every session is for you to feel heard and supported as well as leave with action steps to take over the next week. You will always leave with a plan to follow until the next session.

How many sessions does it typically take?

That depends on what you are trying to do through coaching. Some people use it for 30 days to get started on a goal or on track with an issue in their life.

Others like support for longer amounts of time and continue until they have moved through their life transition or achieved their goal.

Maintenance coaching is also available and is used as a “check in” every few months to make sure you are still on track or address any new issues that have come up. It’s all up to you!

How long is an individual coaching session?

Most individual coaching sessions are 50 minutes and can be done in person or online. If we are in the same location, we can meet face to face.

If not, I use Zoom for video chat or a phone call. It depends on what makes you feel most comfortable.

Why do I need a coach?

Most people hire coaches when they are feeling stuck and don’t know which direction to go. It can be a desire for a new career, struggles with sticking to your health goals, learning how to care for yourself after life changes, or help navigating major life transitions.

Coaches can offer a unique perspective and help you see a different path through your current challenge.