The New Year, The New You Ahhhhhh, the start of another new year. It seems to always bring a sense of renewed hope, a fresh start, and the chance to begin again. For most of us, it gets us thinking about how we can do better, be better, and accomplish more. It feels like… Read More

Jen Endacott, Endacott Coaching

Listen to The South Bay Show: Manhattan Beach Chamber 360! Our guest this morning is Jen Endacott of Endacott Coaching. Jen is Professional Coach who helps individuals set, and achieve, personal and professional goals. She also works with companies on increasing effective communication, team building and improvement of workplace culture. Listen to the program live… Read More

Tame your Brain, How Paying attention can Pay Off

You know that little voice in your head? The one that can be extremely overcritical, judgmental, annoying and extremely persistent? I’m sure you do! We all have it. It is that really bothersome, rarely quiet, inner friend that never fails to keep us company. However annoying that little voice can be, it is actually the… Read More