Feeling overwhelmed and out of control does not have to be the norm.

Our lives today are ripe with limitless distractions and increased responsibilities. Pressure no longer comes at us from one or two areas of our life but from ALL areas of our life, causing us to be constantly overwhelmed, overworked and overscheduled.

Self-care is the exception, not the rule – we are all suffering because of it.

Trying to find balance within a life that seems chronically unbalanced can cause emotional paralysis. Learning to act and figure out the best path for you can seem too daunting a task, leaving you stuck with negative thinking patterns and self-destructive behaviors.

Learning the connection between what we tell ourselves and how we act is the key to managing and balancing our lives.

What if you woke up every day with the understanding that no matter what the world throws at you –you can handle it.

You feel empowered because you have learned the necessary skills to think through issues, make decisions and challenge your own thinking when necessary, allowing you to take back control of your life.

It is possible and you can do it!

What makes us tick?

Why do we behave in a certain way and make the choices we do?

How is it that some people can take extreme life circumstances and plow through them without missing a step while others seem to get bogged down with minor setbacks, becoming emotionally paralyzed?

Change and transition are a constant in everyone’s life and learning to handle them effectively is an absolute must if you want to thrive in today’s world.

Stepping into your power

It takes boldness to know when to be vulnerable and ask for help. It takes compassion for others, but especially for yourself.

I show people different ways to move through the pain that can come with change and transition.
There is no reason to feel like there is no way through.

Life delivers you into your purpose.

A Little About Me

My work in this world is to help.

My journey has taught me a lot and created my own purpose:

As a young therapist, I learned compassion and perseverance.

My transition to being a full-time mom forced me to be patient with myself and others.

Moving my family across the country helped me expand my ideals and embrace new ideas.

Rebuilding life after divorce made me find out who I am as a woman and compelled me to dig deep into who I wanted to be. Taking bold steps to feel worthy again.

Experiencing grief through the death of loved ones taught me how to handle sorrow and walk through emotional pain.

Rebuilding myself outside of mom roles made me stop questioning my worth as anything besides a mom and required me to acknowledge that I have many different strengths and skills.

And re-entering the work world as a professional coach required me to believe in myself, own my potential, and do the work that I am meant to do.

I can honestly say – I have experienced a lot!

Through it all, I have learned that life takes perseverance. It takes courage.

I can help, I can guide, I can support and cheer you on!

My business as well as my life is heart-centered and human-focused.