When just Getting By isn’t Cutting it Anymore

Learn how Mindset Coaching with Jen Endacott can help you re-balance your life

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You all know the drill…
Work Hard, Play Hard

Kids, Diapers, Partners, Pets, In-Laws

Good Friends, Messy Friends, Start
Some S*** Friends

Bravo Loving, Drama Crazed, Romantic Relationships, Platonic Relationships, Crazy Relationships, Not in a Relationship, “It’s Complicated” Relationships, Separation, Divorce

Deadlines, New Jobs, New Loves, Kids
Leaving, Kids Staying

Motivating Yourself, Eating Right, Work
Training, Fitness Training, Staying Healthy

When Overwhelmed Is a Complete
Understatement, Coaching Can Help

Mindset Coaching can help you learn more effective strategies on how to live, think and act in your life.
Learn to implement a growth mindset into your world and defeat self-sabotaging thoughts.
Let me help you clear your path to balance, sanity and control.

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I’m Jen. An unwavering optimist, a believer in people, a student of life, and the ultimate cheerleader for others.

I have learned through my studies and, more importantly, my life experience, how managing one’s own mind is vital to managing one’s own life.

It takes guidance and practice but can literally change how you move through this world.

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Jen Endacott, M.A., C.P.C.

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